Paraiso Checo (2018)

Czech Paradise (2018) collects images that the photographer gathered during a journey through her country of origin. A sensitive and dreamlike look at childhood, nature and the landscapes of the Moravian and Bohemian regions.

Virgencitas Underground (2009)

Virgencitas Underground (Underground Virgins) (2009) is the record of a performance in the Buenos Aires underground.  The author gives out her "saint cards” of virgins from her series Her to the passengers, "merging" somehow with the dynamics of informal commerce typical of public transport. The images at the end (interspersed in the credits) are from the exhibition the photographer held at Galería Meridión.

Mas que mil palabras

More than a thousand words: #5 Los Teubal (2017) is a program on Photography directed by the producers Mariana Redelico and Lizzi Jermoli Hand. Initially the author was invited to talk with her partner about self-portraits (the program included other authors). Finally, the program focused on them as a couple of artists where they speak about their different journeys and the way they collaborate with each other.